2018 NFL Rank 'Em Pool

Week Two Detailed Picks

RankTeam NamePointsPicks
1dacl112BAL (5)ATL (11)LAC (2)MIN (7)TEN (1)NWO (16)MIA (8)KC (3)TB (6)WSH (12)LAR (15)SF (14)DEN (13)JAC (10)DAL (9)CHI (4)
2Rath105BAL (4)ATL (11)LAC (16)GB (1)TEN (10)NWO (15)NYJ (9)KC (2)PHI (3)WSH (14)LAR (13)SF (7)DEN (12)JAC (8)DAL (5)CHI (6)
3Straight Outta Cobbton104BAL (10)ATL (13)LAC (16)GB (1)HOU (5)NWO (14)MIA (8)KC (9)PHI (6)WSH (7)LAR (15)SF (12)DEN (11)JAC (2)NYG (3)CHI (4)
4MAMABEAR102CIN (4)ATL (13)LAC (14)GB (2)TEN (3)NWO (15)NYJ (5)PIT (8)PHI (9)WSH (10)LAR (16)SF (11)DEN (12)JAC (1)DAL (6)CHI (7)
5Jag96BAL (8)ATL (13)LAC (14)MIN (5)HOU (9)NWO (12)NYJ (2)KC (3)TB (4)WSH (15)LAR (16)SF (10)DEN (11)NE (1)DAL (7)CHI (6)
6Wheat King94BAL (1)ATL (11)LAC (14)MIN (6)TEN (2)NWO (15)NYJ (8)PIT (3)PHI (7)WSH (12)LAR (16)SF (13)DEN (10)NE (5)DAL (9)CHI (4)
7Darin PGA Metcalf93BAL (2)ATL (11)LAC (14)GB (4)HOU (6)NWO (15)NYJ (3)PIT (9)PHI (7)WSH (12)LAR (16)SF (10)DEN (13)JAC (1)DAL (8)CHI (5)
 Ray Finkle93CIN (3)ATL (7)LAC (14)MIN (5)TEN (2)NWO (15)NYJ (1)PIT (9)PHI (13)WSH (11)LAR (16)SF (8)DEN (12)NE (4)DAL (10)CHI (6)
9MATLOCK92CIN (1)ATL (11)LAC (14)MIN (3)HOU (2)NWO (15)NYJ (7)PIT (10)PHI (6)WSH (12)LAR (16)SF (5)DEN (13)NE (4)DAL (8)CHI (9)
10Scott Elder91CIN (8)ATL (10)LAC (16)MIN (5)HOU (4)NWO (15)NYJ (14)KC (1)PHI (13)WSH (9)LAR (12)SF (7)DEN (11)JAC (2)DAL (3)CHI (6)
 Jimmy GQ91BAL (5)ATL (4)LAC (13)MIN (2)HOU (10)NWO (15)MIA (9)KC (11)PHI (8)WSH (7)LAR (16)SF (14)DEN (6)NE (1)DAL (3)SEA (12)
12Christie90CIN (1)ATL (4)LAC (15)MIN (5)HOU (6)NWO (16)NYJ (2)PIT (10)PHI (7)WSH (13)LAR (14)SF (12)DEN (11)NE (3)DAL (9)CHI (8)
 Bud Grant90BAL (1)ATL (10)LAC (14)MIN (9)HOU (6)NWO (16)NYJ (7)KC (3)PHI (5)WSH (12)LAR (15)SF (13)DEN (8)NE (4)NYG (2)CHI (11)
14Kevin Williment89BAL (3)ATL (10)LAC (14)MIN (7)HOU (9)NWO (15)NYJ (2)PIT (8)PHI (5)WSH (13)LAR (16)SF (11)DEN (12)JAC (1)DAL (4)CHI (6)
15Sweaty Gooch Sauce88BAL (10)ATL (12)BUF (2)GB (7)HOU (6)NWO (16)MIA (5)KC (4)TB (8)IND (3)LAR (15)DET (14)DEN (11)NE (9)DAL (13)CHI (1)
 BIG BEN88BAL (3)ATL (8)LAC (14)GB (2)HOU (7)NWO (15)NYJ (6)PIT (13)TB (4)WSH (11)LAR (16)SF (10)DEN (12)NE (5)DAL (9)SEA (1)
 wayne m88BAL (4)ATL (10)LAC (12)GB (1)HOU (3)NWO (16)NYJ (5)PIT (7)PHI (9)WSH (13)LAR (14)SF (11)DEN (15)NE (6)DAL (2)CHI (8)
18Rob Buenaventura87BAL (16)ATL (15)LAC (2)MIN (1)TEN (14)NWO (13)NYJ (12)PIT (11)TB (10)WSH (9)LAR (8)SF (7)DEN (6)JAC (5)DAL (4)CHI (3)
19BB133186CIN (1)ATL (13)LAC (15)MIN (4)HOU (6)NWO (2)MIA (3)PIT (12)PHI (9)WSH (14)LAR (16)SF (10)DEN (11)NE (5)DAL (8)CHI (7)
 Cheeseman86CIN (5)ATL (4)LAC (13)MIN (3)HOU (11)NWO (16)NYJ (14)KC (8)PHI (2)WSH (12)LAR (15)SF (9)OAK (7)NE (1)DAL (6)CHI (10)
21Whiskey Jack85BAL (2)ATL (9)LAC (14)MIN (6)HOU (4)NWO (15)NYJ (8)PIT (5)PHI (10)WSH (12)LAR (16)SF (13)DEN (11)NE (3)NYG (1)CHI (7)
 killer85CIN (1)ATL (5)LAC (13)MIN (10)HOU (4)NWO (15)NYJ (6)KC (7)PHI (8)WSH (14)LAR (12)SF (11)DEN (16)NE (9)DAL (2)CHI (3)
23Glen Tosh82BAL (3)ATL (11)LAC (14)MIN (6)HOU (7)NWO (15)NYJ (1)PIT (10)PHI (8)WSH (12)LAR (16)SF (9)DEN (13)NE (2)DAL (4)SEA (5)
24Robert Solmundson81CIN (10)ATL (3)LAC (16)MIN (2)HOU (9)NWO (14)NYJ (8)PIT (13)PHI (12)WSH (7)LAR (15)SF (11)DEN (6)NE (4)DAL (1)CHI (5)
 Down! Set! What?81BAL (6)ATL (12)LAC (11)MIN (5)TEN (3)NWO (13)NYJ (14)KC (2)TB (1)WSH (10)LAR (16)SF (8)DEN (15)NE (9)NYG (7)SEA (4)
26French Connection80BAL (5)ATL (6)LAC (13)MIN (8)HOU (11)NWO (16)NYJ (2)PIT (3)PHI (9)WSH (14)LAR (15)SF (10)DEN (12)NE (4)DAL (1)CHI (7)
 Joe Malone80BAL (13)ATL (8)LAC (12)MIN (1)HOU (10)NWO (15)NYJ (9)KC (5)PHI (6)WSH (11)LAR (16)SF (14)DEN (7)JAC (3)NYG (4)SEA (2)
28BriKor79CIN (2)ATL (7)LAC (14)MIN (5)HOU (13)NWO (15)NYJ (6)KC (1)PHI (8)WSH (12)LAR (16)SF (11)DEN (9)NE (10)NYG (3)CHI (4)
 C & A79BAL (5)ATL (11)LAC (14)MIN (8)HOU (4)NWO (16)NYJ (9)PIT (6)PHI (7)WSH (15)LAR (10)SF (13)DEN (12)NE (1)NYG (2)CHI (3)
30Gerard Hoorne78BAL (10)ATL (9)LAC (12)MIN (6)HOU (4)NWO (15)NYJ (7)PIT (13)PHI (5)WSH (8)LAR (16)SF (14)DEN (11)NE (2)NYG (3)CHI (1)
 PDub78BAL (3)ATL (8)BUF (2)MIN (6)HOU (10)NWO (16)NYJ (11)PIT (1)PHI (12)WSH (13)LAR (14)SF (9)DEN (15)JAC (5)DAL (4)CHI (7)
32Clam Crowder76BAL (5)ATL (9)LAC (15)MIN (6)HOU (13)NWO (14)NYJ (7)PIT (1)PHI (10)WSH (11)LAR (16)SF (8)DEN (12)NE (4)NYG (3)CHI (2)
 GO BROWNS!76BAL (6)ATL (1)LAC (11)MIN (12)HOU (2)NWO (4)NYJ (3)KC (5)PHI (13)WSH (7)LAR (14)SF (15)DEN (16)NE (8)NYG (9)CHI (10)
 Jim Wooley76BAL (5)ATL (8)LAC (9)MIN (6)HOU (4)NWO (12)NYJ (11)KC (3)PHI (10)WSH (15)LAR (16)SF (14)DEN (13)NE (7)NYG (2)CHI (1)
 Magic Skol Bus76BAL (7)ATL (2)LAC (15)MIN (14)HOU (11)NWO (12)NYJ (6)KC (1)TB (8)WSH (10)LAR (16)SF (13)DEN (9)NE (5)NYG (4)SEA (3)
36Ladies & Edelman73BAL (5)ATL (8)LAC (10)MIN (6)HOU (11)NWO (15)NYJ (4)PIT (3)PHI (14)WSH (12)LAR (16)SF (13)DEN (2)NE (7)DAL (9)SEA (1)
375cap72BAL (10)ATL (13)LAC (12)MIN (1)TEN (7)NWO (16)MIA (8)PIT (6)PHI (14)WSH (5)LAR (11)DET (4)OAK (9)NE (15)DAL (3)CHI (2)
38Living Large71BAL (14)ATL (10)LAC (12)MIN (3)HOU (2)NWO (15)NYJ (4)PIT (9)PHI (8)WSH (13)LAR (16)SF (7)DEN (11)NE (1)NYG (5)SEA (6)
 codyb71CIN (4)CAR (2)LAC (14)MIN (5)HOU (10)NWO (16)NYJ (8)KC (1)PHI (12)WSH (13)LAR (15)SF (11)DEN (7)NE (9)DAL (3)SEA (6)
40Bassman70CIN (5)ATL (14)BUF (13)MIN (2)TEN (12)NWO (16)MIA (3)PIT (11)PHI (4)WSH (15)LAR (10)DET (6)OAK (7)NE (8)DAL (9)CHI (1)
41Johnson67CIN (1)CAR (2)LAC (15)MIN (6)HOU (8)CLE (3)NYJ (12)PIT (9)TB (5)WSH (11)LAR (16)DET (4)DEN (13)NE (14)DAL (7)CHI (10)
42TAMMY64BAL (12)ATL (15)LAC (8)MIN (1)HOU (3)NWO (14)NYJ (4)PIT (2)PHI (9)WSH (16)LAR (11)SF (10)DEN (6)NE (13)NYG (5)SEA (7)
43GangGreen63BAL (7)ATL (11)LAC (8)MIN (6)HOU (15)NWO (14)NYJ (9)PIT (1)PHI (10)WSH (16)LAR (5)SF (13)DEN (12)NE (4)NYG (3)SEA (2)
44Zimmy62BAL (16)CAR (3)LAC (11)MIN (2)HOU (7)NWO (6)NYJ (5)KC (1)PHI (14)WSH (13)LAR (15)SF (12)DEN (8)NE (10)NYG (4)CHI (9)
45Ocean Skye55BAL (7)ATL (3)LAC (14)GB (2)HOU (11)NWO (15)NYJ (10)PIT (9)PHI (16)WSH (13)LAR (8)SF (6)DEN (5)NE (12)DAL (4)SEA (1)
46knightsquared52BAL (11)ATL (8)LAC (16)GB (1)HOU (9)CLE (14)NYJ (13)KC (2)PHI (4)WSH (10)LAR (15)DET (7)DEN (6)NE (3)NYG (12)CHI (5)
47Zak51BAL (4)ATL (16)LAC (15)GB (13)TEN (14)NWO (6)NYJ (12)PIT (11)PHI (10)WSH (9)ARI (8)DET (7)OAK (5)NE (3)NYG (2)SEA (1)

* - Includes Thursday games
If your name is not in the standings, it is because we haven't received your entry fee yet.

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